Faces of Ethiopia:: The North

Ethiopia the NorthNorthern Ethiopia is a route tread by many a traveller’s boot.  It is the religious cultural heart of Ethiopia.  Yet it is so much more.  From ‘Wild West’ towns to towering precipices and fields of tef to noisy markets, northern Ethiopia is a mecca for any tourist.

Gheralta, featured here, is an area of Tigray where tef (an indigenous grain) and cliffside monasteries and churches have coexisted for centuries.  Many of these cliffside churches are accessible to tourists, but as I discovered also require nerves of steel and just a little faith! To reach some, one (that was me) must rock climb for a short distance using nothing but bare feet, slight indentations in soft rock and a mountain of resolve (to say nothing of the invaluable local help).  The views were definitely worth the trembling, sweaty and heart-in-mouth climb.

Et Nth 14 Et Nth 7 Et Nth 3 Et Nth 2 Et Nth 5 Et Nth 6 Et Nth 4 Et Nth 12 Et Nth 20 Et Nth 13 Et Nth 11 Et Nth Et Nth 9 Et Nth 10 Et Nth 17 Et Nth 18 Et Nth 19 Et Nth 15 Et Nth 16 Et Nth 8

Northern Ethiopia will always hold a special place in my heart.  This is where we first got to know Ethiopia.


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2 thoughts on “Faces of Ethiopia:: The North

  1. Beautiful photos Erin, it really does look like the wild west, until you see the smiles and the faces of the people who live there. Stunning!
    Lou x

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