2013:: The year I travelled

If there was ever a time I was going to become a travel photographer or writer, this would have been the year.

Upon thinking about and writing this post, it occurred to me just how many different beds I have laid my head this year.  Literally, not even figuratively!

I have been incredibly fortunate to experience so much more of the world these past 364 days, with so many more extraordinary memories to add to my memory bank, while taking the lessons I have learned on board for 2014.

These are just some of the lessons my year of travel has taught me…

2013 19

2013 5 2013 12 2013 132013 6 2013 7 2013 10 2013 11 2013 15 2013 8 2013 14 2013 16 2013 18 2013 2013 9 2013 4 2013 2 2013 3 2013 17What have you learned from your year?

To lessons learned and experiences remembered, I wish everyone a truly magical 2014 full of your own incredible experiences and lessons.


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