Traffic hazards…

8 thoughts on “Traffic hazards…”

  1. I’m holding on to my chair just reading that!!!!

    Plug in the iPod, think pleasant thoughts and open your eyes when you get there….

    I thimk that’s how I would handle it.


    1. There really is no recipe for this I’ve discovered, and no way to keep my heart out of my mouth for the trips! I don’t know if there is any getting used to either! When I was in Mekele, our driver hit a man on his bike. The road was clear and I could see the cyclist starting to cross the road well before we jumped on him! He was ok, thankfully.

  2. Like Adam and Jodie, I too was sitting on the edge of my seat just reading of your experience. Thankfully I didnt need a seat belt, but felt like I did. Great story Erin. Joy

    1. You have to understand that as a story teller I take certain liberties (but it is all non-fiction) and have culminated quite a few months worth of driving around, so it sounds worse than a drive to the shop every day, but most days it can still be hairier than what i am used to at home!! Like I mentioned in another reply, my heart often jumps up into my mouth, and I just have to talk it back in to the left side of my chest, or get out and walk!!

  3. I remembered an old conversation we once had, where you were saying you didn’t enjoy being the passenger in the car! So this must just be torture! I liked the tooting analysis!

  4. Actually sounds a lot like the drivers in LA! And like you, I also prefer to have someone drive me around. Except in my case, he’s called a bus driver.

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