Don’t let me startle you!

3 thoughts on “Don’t let me startle you!”

  1. G’Day Been following your travels and exploits with great interest – keep the coming – nearly as good as being there – over to Coochie next weekend for Mark’s 50th birthday with all the family gathering at Adam’s-we are planning our next trek to Cape York leaving mid may for about four months-currently getting a snorkel fitted to the Landcruiser just in case-has and still is super wet in Qld – all dams full and right now Charleville having biggest flood in over 100 years-Ultimate camper still performing really well-Vicki and two mates came up from Coffs last weekend and together with Marion saw Tom Jones concert at Siromet winery -had a great time and said they enjoyed the six bottles of the local drop as well Keep well and keep having a good time – what’s Chris doing and achieving ??? Louise now living in Coffs and in training for a new job in insurance – ON ON

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