London calling…

4 thoughts on “London calling…”

  1. hi erin and joy hope u are both well and having a good time hopefully u will receive this i have tried afew times to email joy but it keeps being returned undeliverable can let me know if u get it cheers wayne

  2. Ayup Bod…

    Awright then?

    Sounds like a smashing time there in the balmy Mother Land!

    Got your alps postcard, thanks. Boys loved it and looking forward to thier chance at seeing it all for real.

    Your photos are really looking good Erin keep ’em coming.

    Kisses and cuddles to you both over there from all of us here on Coochie.


  3. hi erin joy wayne here.iv been sending mail to joys web site but it keeps on getting returned to me so i thought i would try ur itche site from wot the news reports will be sometime yet befor the planes will be back in te air.unless u can find another way to get to UK anyhow keep safe and enjoy ur holiday xxxoxxx

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