Tourist Trot

8 thoughts on “Tourist Trot”

  1. Thanks for that insite even in europe trying to find a toilet is very hard as they are not as public as they are here but I’m sure not the same as there but did you have to pay to go? kez

    1. Yes, a new insight in to UK at least, having to first find (tricky) and then pay (huh?) for the use of a toilet.

      1. Really, they ought to be giving the tourists money for actually using the toilets — not just going any old place…

  2. Sorry to hear that you’re running for all the wrong reasons! Amazing how fast we all can run when needed. Not part of an initiation of some kind? Maybe the bread could be adopted here for rapid detox? What other foods did they offer?

    1. Yes, together with the lovely green spinach dish it could add delights to the inside of any colourless bowl!!

  3. …..memories of Guatemala and the very thin, barely-there bathroom door. Ha ha ha! Thank god we did not get on that bus — can you imagine enduring that on a 9 hour bus ride? Still must say that fermented false banana stalk sounds a lot more of a reasonable — honorable — manner of getting the tourist trot than nachos with plastic spray cheese. Blerg!

  4. I have never been able to look at (let alone eat) nachos in the same way since!! And I will still probably try most things that are offered to me, except that blue cheese!

  5. Hmmmmmm
    South America springs to mind……..
    Lucky I had the tablets for the flight back to the US, followed by a very comfy colorado hotel room which i could not leave for more than five minutes.
    Tissues indeed!

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