Faranji Frenzy

6 thoughts on “Faranji Frenzy”

    1. I think that it is easy to be humble in a small village on the outskirts of nowhere, unlike (I would suspect) being the likes of a Hollywood star?!

  1. Erin, I think this is one of your best posts yet!!! I loved the writing and the pictures are fantastic — as are the captions.

    1. Well, truth be told, some of these photos were only directed by me, I did not press the shutter, as the children would scream and run every time I pointed the camera their direction, until they got used to me. Our local guide (who I think is a budding photographer himself) took over my camera to the point that he almost walked home with it!!

  2. By the way, our feet photo at the top of your blog makes me want to go traveling every time I see it — very effective photo for your itchier feet blog! Makes my feet very itchy. I keep thinking of Sevilla & Granada and riding our bikes around in Malaga…

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