5 Do’s and Don’t’s of Travel in Botswana

7 thoughts on “5 Do’s and Don’t’s of Travel in Botswana”

  1. Okay — DEFINITELY need more info about your trip!!! I assume everyone made it home with all limbs still attached.

  2. My name is Joee and I’m geographically challenged. But I did know Botswana was in Africa – but which end? Or is it in the middle? Is it the one in “The Gods Must Be Crazy?” And did you say “Aye aye aye aye aye” a lot?

    1. He he! It wasn’t as bad as all that, they were just the potentially disastrous funny moments. I think the most important one is the first one, and I suppose like the old adage goes – live for the journey, not the destination – or something like that (I have yet to master that one however)!!

  3. Excellent post! (We definitely messed up part two of point 4 when we were there. Didn’t have to reverse, but I would realize occasionally that I hadn’t breathed in for about seven minutes.)

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