The other side of Cairo…not the pyramids

7 thoughts on “The other side of Cairo…not the pyramids”

    1. I think it is a combination of fine dust particles, from all the sand that surrounds the city, as well as pollution. You can see it in some of the other photos as well. When you wake up in the morning and look outside, you can see as far as the building next to you – it is so white. It settles low over night and then the heat of the day is actually the clearest it gets. Makes for difficult photography, but great orange sunsets!

  1. G’Day — Still following your travells and experiences with great interest and look forward to seeing you at Xmas – we are on our homeward leg of our Cape York safari — 10,000 kms and 100 days – home by weekend then Coffs for a week Luv Pa

    1. Wow what a great trip you must have had, can’t wait for the stories and photos when we get back at xmas. Thanks for following our journey too. Will post about the pyramids too when I get a chance, with a photo of us!

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