Another Ethiopian Public Holiday…

3 thoughts on “Another Ethiopian Public Holiday…”

  1. Why do you guys always express biased, opinionated and negative thoughts about Africa and Africans? I don’t like your piece of reporting. Tourists should always report about the visited places and people in a positive and appreciative manner.

  2. Found this interesting and real (not negative). The crowds are truly beyond most of our experiences – that part would have been quite scary. There was a piece on Compass the other night about the new evangelists/missions coming out of Africa (including Ethiopia) to re-christianize(is that a word?) the West. Hope 2003 turns out to be your most fabulous adventure yet. Thanks

  3. Mmmm…I disagree as well; didn’t find this to be negative. And even if it could be construed to be negative — there are no hard and fast rules about travel writing (case in point — Bill Bryson’s books). In fact it would be sort of patronizing to just report on the positive all the time.

    Happy 2003 my dear! It was a good year, as I recall…;)

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