My Ethiopian Organic Garden

9 thoughts on “My Ethiopian Organic Garden”

    1. Thanks Grant. Just planted some rocket, more lettuce, coriander and pak choi today, it’s very exciting, waiting to see what will appear and when…

    1. No way Joee. I think that your vegie patch is very cool. I also have the added advantage of living somewhere with excellent soil that previously just grew grass and a milder climate.

  1. What an amazing garden! My mum would be so jealous! She has been working on the soil in hers for years. Granted it does produce a lot of veggies these days (I think last time they lived off it for 4 months straight), but it took a long time to get to that point!

    1. Thanks. Our fortune lies in the soil, just lucky to have such good soil to start with. Your mum’s garden is great though, so much bigger than my little plot.

  2. Your grandfather would have been so proud of you. He was a gardener extrordinaire! A man very much in tune with the land and with all of nature.

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