Cradle Mountain, A Tasmanian Myth?

3 thoughts on “Cradle Mountain, A Tasmanian Myth?”

  1. hahah. Maybe it’s one of those many things we’re keeping for the locals. As a scientist I have photographic proof of both Cradle, apples and the sun on the West coast… but I’m still working on the thylacine. 🙂

    Nice umbrella! 🙂

  2. One of my lifes funniest moments happened on Cradle Mountain. Three hours of uphill climbing with two fellow wwoofers and our 11 year old guide and companion got us to the top. Windy, windy, windy! Time for a sit and eat. Apple cores are ok to throw over the edge, they’re organic and will decompose. BUT NO, they are light and will fly back up the side of the mountain and land back among us. Hillarious! Well worth the hike!

  3. Haha. Your story reminds me of mythical mountains I heard about from the locals in Spiti (India); mountains that change colors, mountains that glow in the dark. I’m adding Cradle mountain to that list. Hope we find it someday!

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