Why I Love Photography

5 thoughts on “Why I Love Photography”

  1. Oi! I do believe that statement was made after you had taken 1, 000, 000, 001 photos of the Alhambra! And my best day on that trip was the day the camera was left home…;-)

    For me, there are still moments that I personally can’t bring a camera into (possibly because I’m an average photo taker!). Like the memory of running through the rain as the light was fading and turning the corner to see the central pyramids of Tikal for the first time — will always be burned into my mind (good thing as I lost all those pictures!). But of course I can’t share that vision with anyone but myself.

    You, on the other hand, allow us glimpses of your experiences. You always had such raw talent at taking pictures and it’s been incredible to witness just how skillful you have become as a photographer. And of course the reason you’ve become a photographer in your own right, is because of those 1, 000, 000, 001 photos. You are passionate and it shows. You have an amazing eye and it picks up an immense amount of detail, allowing us to see the world in a different way.

    But I must say that I do enjoy those days I am with you, when you leave the camera at home. 😉 Then again, I suppose you enjoy those days I don’t natter on about the past (I warn you though, it is getting worse).

    1. I know, sometimes I go out without a camera and those experiences are just as amazing and valid. But I also love to capture moments, for their historical purposes but mostly for the art of it. And, yes, that would explain the many photos in the La Alhambra – but how can anyone not – it is such a photogenic and amazing place.
      Sharing my images is something that I really enjoy taking them for too. I know that sounds silly, but what is the point of taking loads of photos (still to reach that amazing number you mentioned – can see a lot more hard drives in my future!) and storing them in some little metal box? So I love that you also get joy from seeing them.
      Tikal has to be one of my favourite places too.
      Thanks for the lovely comment and the memories.

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