The Great Moose Hunt

20 thoughts on “The Great Moose Hunt”

    1. Thank you Frank. It was lots of fun putting this together and remembering all of the frustrations of not seeing a moose (until, like all good stories, the very end), despite people telling me there was an ‘infestation’!

      1. I’ve never seen a moose either, and my folks just got back from a road trip around Nova Scotia and gave it rave reviews. If I’m ever back that way I make have to just follow in your footsteps!

    1. Thanks Tiina. I was driving back to Cheticamp, it was my last morning, feeling very dejected. The moose track and huffing noise memories really weren’t helping all that much!!

    1. Thanks Pat. Newfoundland, lucky you. I bet it was gorgeous. It seems to me that moose are a little more shy than people would have me believe (even in the midst of a moose plague?), so I feel very fortunate I got to see this moose and get some pics (even if they aren’t amazing).

  1. Love your work my Far Away Neighbour! I remember Moose Spotting on the Kenai Peninsular at midnight – in broad daylight – oh so long ago. My 1992-vintage Canon (old school film) happy snapper really didn’t do the moose (or me) justice though… 😉 It was nice to relive that memory through your tale. Love following your travels too. I’ll be sure to share this one with Noah, Toby, Maya and Jaime. Happy trails! Gabee

    1. G’day neighbour. Wow, so moose are party animals? I still can’t imagine daylight at midnight. Moose (and other animals) don’t sleep in summer? I’ve never even thought about this before. Like me, you have the recorded memories though. My pictures were from far away and don’t really do the moose justice either. But I was there! Thanks for the lovely message, and I hope the family enjoy the story.

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