About Erin

24 thoughts on “About Erin”

  1. You have a great blog here 🙂 I always wonder how people decide that it’s time to move on to a new world, a new life, and here you make it seem so easy and so right. I’ll make that choice someday soon I hope. I’ll be back to read more here. Rolling you!

  2. Hey Erin! You have created such a rich, lovely blog that is a joy to read. So wonderful to watch you blossoming online! Mind if I Tweet about you?

  3. Considering my nick name while I lived in S.E.Asia was “Itchy Feet” – (jeepachong-long-tao, in Thai), how could I not follow your blog?! Sharing travelling experiences through photography is awesome. So many of mine are trapped in my mind because I didn’t always have a camera…too busy ‘doing’ instead of ‘watching’.
    I’ll be travelling through your blog – take care – stay well. And thanks.


    1. Thanks Doug. Thank you for the nice comment and for following. I think that sometimes it is just as amazing to have experiences for yourself too, with and without your camera!

    1. Thank you Pravin for the lovely comments. Ethiopia is a place that is not high on many bucket lists, however I think it is one of the most diverse and interesting countries I have ever spent much time in. I couldn’t recommend it more to explore.

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