Hobart and its MONA

I really love Tasmania. But… I just could not live there because it is too cold! Which generally excludes a lot of the rest of the world too. However, don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love visiting these colder places in the world. Hobart, Tasmania’s capital, is a lovely city. My favourite thing about the … Continue reading Hobart and its MONA

Saving Koalas

While walking one morning with Bella past our local off-leash dog park, I noticed an animal running through the bush ahead of us. It was a koala! How exciting. Yes, even we Australians get excited to see a Koala! But then the excitement turned to alarm as I realised this koala was running around a dog … Continue reading Saving Koalas


Other than its propensity for constantly changing weather, Melbourne and Victoria held me captivated. I didn’t have anywhere near enough time to explore, experience and immerse myself in all this part of Australia has to offer. With just 5 days, we chose to spend most of it in the countryside, in the Macedon Ranges. We … Continue reading Melbourne

Making Paper

Making paper in South Korea is a centuries old tradition still in use today. Hanji is the name given to handmade paper made from the Mulberry Tree in South Korea. I travelled to the Andong Hanji Paper Factory in Pungsan to see how they make this incredibly tough but beautiful paper. If you are considering … Continue reading Making Paper