Hobart and its MONA

I really love Tasmania. But… I just could not live there because it is too cold! Which generally excludes a lot of the rest of the world too. However, don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love visiting these colder places in the world. Hobart, Tasmania’s capital, is a lovely city. My favourite thing about the … Continue reading Hobart and its MONA


Other than its propensity for constantly changing weather, Melbourne and Victoria held me captivated. I didn’t have anywhere near enough time to explore, experience and immerse myself in all this part of Australia has to offer. With just 5 days, we chose to spend most of it in the countryside, in the Macedon Ranges. We … Continue reading Melbourne

Hiking in Juwangsan

On my most recent trip to South Korea, I found myself in a village at the foothills of Taebaek Mountains. An ‘apple town’, Juwangsan is one of those magically scenic mountain villages you always see imagery of, depicting beautifully carved mountain peaks with lush autumn foliage, and of course hikers, huffing and puffing their way … Continue reading Hiking in Juwangsan